View live website using the best means of advertising your app 
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1. Place a banner at the top of your mobile website
This has been proven to be the most beneficial step to promoting your app. 
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Aaron Harwell - SpiderDoor Founder

“Tenants will not know you have an app if you don't advertise the fact that you do have one."

Mike Volpe - Angel Investor

“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.”
2. Text blast your entire customer base
We supply this service. Simply let us know that you would like for us to do this and we will handle. (complimentary)

Tim O'Reilly - O'Reilly Media

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”
3. SMS link to your App from your website
We can supply you with a link that will take your potential customers to a page where they can type in their cell number and a link to your App will be sent to them immediately. Once App is downloaded, the customer can Rent a new unit and more.
(This will require your web designer to build)
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Joe Chernov - Insightsquared

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”
3b. Potential customers or tenants can receive a text message with a link to your App, from your website.
We can provide you with a link to place on your website. This link will allow potential customers and tenants to simply click the link and then type in their cell number. Once they click SEND, it will send them a text message immediately that has a link that goes straight to your app in the app stores. From there, the customer can easily downloaded your app. It's simple and easy and it works like nothing else.
(This will require your web designer to add link on your website.)
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Albert Einstein

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
4. Showcase App in all forms
There are thousands of ways to do this. Be creative! Just get it put on every piece of paper that leaves your office. That is free to do so why not do it!
This is the easiest method for advertising! It's simple to do in Sitelink and its free advertising to your entire customer base.
Above is an example of a personalized video showing the customer how to create an account for the first time. A video like this can be placed on your website for reference.
5. We've created these videos for you to use anywhere
Download these videos and place them anywhere on your site. We can also create a personalized clip for your location. Please request it and you are welcome to place it on your website or anywhere you choose.
There's no perfect way to advertise your App. Let us know if you come up with new ways to promote. We love your feedback.
Create flyers and signage for your locations. 
Designs can be done many different ways.
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***Request Adobe Illustrator file from us! Your marketing team will have clear images of your App which can be used to create new and unique marketing pieces. 
Used 4 times more
Tenants are 4 times more likely to pay with your App over paying on your website
Marketing for 2018
Customers will not know you have an App unless you let them know.
What better place is there to be than on your customers Smartphone. People look at their phone on an average of every 8 minutes