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The new 
Ascent Keypad
Access Control System 
Cellular Connection
Sit back and let SpiderDoor Technology push you right into the 
World of Automation
Works just like any other keypad except it is all cloud based. No Internet required! Your customer can also open the gate easily with your locations personalized 
"Native Built App!"
(X1, K1 Keypad and C1 Module all can open gate using App)
Open Gate
Watch video to see the module in action! Your App is smart enough to allow "Paid Up" customers access and deny "Delinquent" customers.
Choose From Two
Purchase Options
Ascent X1 Keypad
This is the answer you've been looking for! 
(This module is a Keypad) 
Works just like your current keypad except its cellular!
You're looking at the entire system. It talks to cloud based management software with ease! No other boxes, software or controllers to install. Everything is included in this one box. It is all one piece and there are no wires to be ran back to your main office. You simply have a relay wire ran over to your gate motor and a wire for electricity. You will have access to an activity log via the internet. Most importantly, you DO NOT have to run gate access software in the background behind your management software. 

As you can see, the inside of this module looks very technical however its identical to the item you use the most. Your smartphone! There is simply a Data Sim Card here and that's what does all the work, in real time. 

Avoid problems that plague PC based keypads and management software.
Ascent K1 Keypad
This is the answer you've been looking for! 
(This module is a Keypad) 
This works just like the X1 one only it doesn't have a camera or call center button.
Ascent C1 Gate Module
This module will allow you to open your gate from anywhere as long as your phone has a data signal. This will also allow your customers, who are current with their payment, to open the gate via your locations App! The customer must be at the storage location for this feature to work.
(This module is not a keypad) 
This is extremely useful for owners and managers. As an owner, I'm sure you can't count the number of times you've been away from your storage location and it just so happened that you needed to open the gate immediately. This is your answer! It is simple to install on your gate motor and it bypasses your current gate access control system entirely. Their is also an activity log that will allow you to view who comes and goes at your location.
  • Owners can open the gate from anywhere
  •  Snaps pictures of all customers using keypad
  •  Dashboard to view activity log
  •  Call button will call up to 3 numbers of your choosing, if pushed
  •  Updates from your management software in real time
  •  No internet required to function
Personalized App for
Your Customers
You Get
Both Apps
We provide you, the owner, with both Apps. One App is what you will provide to your customer base for their convenience. The other App is for owners and managers to easily access their gates from anywhere. 

The customers App provides many features but in regards to the Open Gate feature, it simply allows access or denies, based on their current payment status. A customer can easily pay their bill with the App and have immediate access after hours.

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